First Day of Winter Break – Lots of Excitement!

Today’s my first day of Winter Break. It’s been a stressful week, yesterday especially, but it’s over and I feel like I did my best and I should get good grades to be proud of. Except perhaps in math…

I’m having tea this morning (Darjeeling), something I haven’t done in a while. I happened to brew it up perfectly and my heart sang when the flavor hit my tongue. SO good! I was going to have coffee, what I’ve been drinking like a crazy woman recently, but for some reason I went for the tea instead. I’m glad I did.

I’m hoping to be able to make it to a knitter’s group here on the 29th. Kathy, the woman who’s organizing it, wanted to wait until after the holidays. I hope I can make it. It will likely be a lot of older women, and I may be awkward, but I hope either my sister or Diana will come along with me just the first time while I get broken into the people there. And if it goes horribly and I’m way too awkward and feel out of place, I can just not go again. But I need to at least try, I need to start putting myself out there and coming out of my shell and stop making excuses for not interacting with people. Plus, I’d love to experience the community that I read about so much amongst knitters… and other witches.

I finally found Neo-pagan group who gets together to learn and celebrate sabbats together. I wanted to go to their Samhain ritual, but didn’t. I would LOVE to make it to their Yule ritual, but I won’t be able to for that either. SO, I’m HOPING HOPING I can make it to Imbolc. I also am really craving some community with other Pagans. Craving it.

And I’m craving more tea!

Tomorrow my family, including Diana, and my mom’s friend and her son, are going to go to this magic show that a fellow member of our satsang is going to be a part of. He’s a really funny and great guy and he’s got us some free tickets waiting at the box office. I’m excited to go. I’ve never seen a profesional magic show before and he says it’s supposed to be really great.



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