I Wonder About Your Sex

Today I feel an intense need to write. Today I do not have a note-book with me. I write this in my local library on the back of my insurance policy which has been sitting in my bag for weeks, waiting to be put in my glove box.

 Something smells bad. I think I smell bad. I walked here and I wore this shirt last week.

 My mom was on the coputer at home so I actually came here tow rite. All of the 2-hour computers are booked for the day so I had to settle for a 1-hour computer.

 I can’t find any book I want to read.

 A strange man just walked by. He was older and short and seemed very slightly unbalanced mentally. The kind of person that gets on in the world fine but still seems like someone you should try and avoid having to speak with. Immediately I wondered what he’s like in bed. Oh no… now I’m wondering what everyone is like in bed.

 Sometimes I think about that. There are times when you’re in a room filled with a bunch of people and you can be reasonably certain that everyone in the room has had sex (not with each other, just in general). And I just wonder what they all look like naked, what kind of lover they are, when they lost thier virginity and what their feelings are regarding it, what the best sex was that they had and where’s the best or strangest place they’ve had sex. And I end up becoming particularly interested in one or a few individuals and I start wondering about all kinds of obscure things about their lives from there.

 I have two books in my lap but I’m not interested in either of them. I guess now I’ll go to my computer reservation and blog all this.


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