It has taken me over two months to knit not one half of a scarf for my grandpa. And I have resigned myself to knitting the whole thing twice (because when I started knitting it, I didn’t know how to double knit). Who knows how long THAT will take. When I learned to double knit, I thought about tearing apart what I had already done on his scarf and re-doing it. With the weight of yarn I’m using, the whole thing knits up quite thin and won’t be very warm.

I’m now reconsidering ripping it out and re-doing it in double knitting so that it will be warmer naturally and to add some interest to knitting it. That’s why I’m not getting anything done on it, because I’m not interested… I think that if I double knit it, I could get it done faster … hell, I’d get it done at all. I’m practically making no process as of right now. TWO months to knit a simple freaking scarf! That’s the problem though; it’s too simple. Just a little ribbing, k3, p1. It’s also curling in at the sides which concerns me… maybe another reason to double knit. Maybe another reason to rip it out… but I’ve gotten SO MUCH done. I’ve never ripped out this much before. And it’s taken me so long to get this far… if I rip it out and start over, it might not be till next December that he gets it. Double knitting isn’t the fastest way to knit in the world either, but I guess it’s better to have a project for such a dear person be knit up with enthusasm rather than dispair at tending to a chore.

That’s what it feels like knitting this thing: a chore. No fun stitch patterns to work with, no interesting color changes. Just grey, all the way. SNORE.

I gotta figure something out…


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  1. I don’t know if you’re anything like me but if the pattern is too mind numbingly boring like basic ribbing it takes me a hundred years to finish it. Just a suggestion but have you tried a pattern like..
    Double Bump Scarf
    or just something with more interest?
    Good luck with your scarf!

  2. niney – thank you so much for directing me to that pattern. I like the stitch pattern a lot. That’s of your own devising? I think I’m going to stick it out with my grandpa’s scarf, but I have been wanting to knit a rug for my room for a while and the stitch pattern of the scarf/dishcloth you sent me to with be perfect, I think. 🙂 I’m going to go cast on for it right now, in fact.

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