About Me

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I’ve enjoyed keeping a journal, either handwritten or online (sometimes both) since fifth grade. Writing is something I have enjoyed since that inspired beginning, but I have never really aspired to be a published author. Well, published offline, “officially”; I “publish” online all the time.

I have had passing interests in many forms of expression, but writing has been a constant and recently music has taken place alongside it.

Over a year ago I seriously began playing guitar and it’s become a great outlet and center for me. I see it being a part of my life for as long as my wee hands are able to work the strings.

Besides that, I’m a college sophomore, aiming towards getting my Master’s in Library and Information Science (i.e. I aspire to be a librarian).

I also love to knit, play and do fun activities with my three year old niece, and spend time with my small family.

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